Vypustek Cave

The Výpustek Cave is situated in central part of the Moravian Karst, on the left side of the Křtiny Valley. The cave, formerly known as “Výpustek cave labyrinth”, is formed especially by fossil parts of former underground stream of Křtinský Creek.


Archeological discoveries give evidence of colonization around year 15,000 BC, about settlements in “Hallstatt” period and settlement of “people of Slavonic ceramics”. As well as Sloup-Šošůvka Caves, Výpustek is known from 17th century. First written mentions about this cave system come from 1609 – in this time, the first exploration started.

During this works other clayed areas were vacated, but the storeroom has never been used. In 1944, underground workshop of German company “Flugmotorenwerke Ostmark” was built in the area of the Výpustek Cave; the company focused on airplane motors manufacturing. After WWII, military commanding site was built and it was strictly classified till the end of 2001.

The present times

In September 2005, Nature Conservation Agency took over this object and 4 hectares of estate in the Moravian Karst near Křtiny, including cave system, from Czech Army. Cave Výpustek complex is 170 meters long and it is formed by bedroom, conference room, air treatment appliance and equipment for electricity production. Besides caves, several buildings are part of this complex.