Information service and tickets

Entrance tickets are possible to buy near entrance to caves. Thanks to popularity of Moravský Kras (Moravian Karst), mostly in summer it is very important for you to book tickets in advance, at least a few weeks before your planned visit.

Central Information Service Skalní mlýn

adress: Skalní mlýn, 678 25 Blansko, Czech Republic
phone: +420 516 413 575, +420 516 410 024


Propast Macocha - 49°22'23.078"N, 16°43'47.061"E
Punkva Caves - 49°22'15.897"N, 16°43'33.703"E
Balcarka Cave - 49°22'35.357"N, 16°45'28.933"E
Katerinska Cave - 49°21'38.522"N, 16°42'36.903"E
Sloupsko-sosuvske Caves - 49°24'37.640"N, 16°44'20.453"E
Vypustek Cave - 49°17'27.154"N, 16°43'26.946"E

Nature trails

Moravský kras (Moravian Karst) is connected by dense network of well-marked bike and tourist tracks. There are many nature foot trails and info boards around. These tables inform all visitors about local nature, historical and technical interests.