Balcarka Cave

Balcarka cave - This cave is situated in the northern part of Moravský kras, in picturesque part of Suchý žleb close to Ostrov u Macochy in nature reserved area called Vintoky. It is breathtaking labyrinth of corridors, domes and underground temples with gorge and full-colour stalactitic decoration.

Balcarka cave - Cave Tour

Your visit in this cave begins in a huge entry hall of Balcarova skála. You will follow an artificial tunnel coming into small area where you will find very attractive colorfulness of sinter decoration. First stop is in a room about 10 m high called Wilsonova rotunda (Wilson’s Rotundas). The bigger one has beautifully modeled circular gorge covered with sinter cascades.

From here there is a foot trail into the biggest hall of Balcarka maze – Velký Fochův dóm. It is elongated area with size 65 x 20 x 15 m. The ceiling is created by transparent stalactites and sinter curtains. This hall takes name after brave French marshal from WWI. When you finish with exploration of this hall and all its picturesque corners step out into parts called Galerie and Přírodní chodba. Now you are in the most beautiful part of Moravský Kras.

Stalactite decoration on walls and ceilings is very rich, well-preserved and clear here.

Next stop is Dóm zkázy which was created by ceiling collapsing. Very interesting is stalactite waterfall, Madonna or Kaktus. Your next steps follow to Objevitelský dóm (Hall of Discoverers). The walls are covered by special stuff called “Nickamínek” - it is calcic pulpy stuff which is probably made under microorganism control. The last stop in this cave is Popeluška (Cinderella) - the entry part during exploration.

History of Balcarka Cave

Balcarova skála has been fabulous till 19th century. But then, in its second part of the century it became subject of interest. In 1920’s, Josef Šamalík, local resident, farmer and also deputy. On 16th June 1923, he firstly reached first underground caves in here.