Catherine’s Cave

You can find this cave at the beginning of Suchý žleb. It is about 500 m far from Skalní mlýn. This cave is also part of prehistorical outgoing water cave. Traces after water stream are very apparent on its walls, creating erosion holes. This cave is very reach as a locality of Pleistocene animals – mostly bears. Kateřinská jeskyně (Catherine Cave) is open to public from 1910.

Catherine’s Cave - Cave Tour

The entry is created by Gothic portal leading to Hlavní Dóm (Main Dome). It is the biggest cave area and the biggest underground hall in the Czech Republic open to public (length 97 m, width 44 m, height 20 m). This hall is very good with its acoustic. For this reason musical and singing concerts take place here.

Next foot trail leads tourists into Nová jeskyně (New Cave) where visitors can see colorful stalactitic formation Čarodějnice (Witch) and Bambusový lesík (Bamboo Wood) created by long baculiform stalagmites. To another formations belong Ovečky (Lambs), Pagoda and Sintrový vodopád.

Catherine’s legend

The name of this cave comes from a local myth. Once upon the time there was living shepherd in little cottage close to forest. He grazed sheep from spring till autumn. When he couldn’t go with his fold then his lovely daughter took his job. This shepherd has no wife and Catherine was looking after home and his father. She was glad to do it because of her love to her father.

But one day, shepherd had to go to town and his daughter came off early with sheep. That day she went beyond her usual way. Suddenly, there was a strong storm and Catherine wanted sheep to go home. But she was far away from her home. She decided to wait in nearby cave. Storm was over but she found out one sheep is missing. She heard the bell of her missing sheep somewhere in cave. She was looking for small animal and lost her way. Very tired, she felt asleep in rocky bay.

Next day people from village found sheep and started looking for small shepherd-girl. In the end they checked this cave and calling her name – Catherine. Then one of them found her dead body inside the cave. Since the cave has been called Kateřinská.